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PE cored would be polyethylene--not Mylar which is polyester.
"Mylar" is a trade name for Dacron,<<<
It is true ... the bases of many films are actetate.... Konica IR 750 is described as "Triacetate" ... and Kodak is a great user or "Estar" - whatever that is. Acetate is used a lot in molded camera lenses, mirrors, and cheap ball point pen barrels.

Ilfocolor "De Luxe" - IL RA .1K has a "Super White Glossy Polyester" base.

I get the feeling somehow you're not reading this stuff--doesn't matter I guess...kinda boring stuff, not really photography in a way...more what archivists and others handle. Of which I'm not, nor am I a conservator, so like I said--read the stuff, form your own opinions these are mine only.


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