Make sure that it has the negative carriers, the condenser(s) is there and not scratched, that it has a bulb, etc. All these goodies together can easily cost more than the enlarger if they're missing or need replacement. In general, unless you're buying from a photographer, craigslist is what it is. I would be very careful, having bought a few enlargers that cost me an arm and a leg to get going. The lens boards for the Durst enlargers are priced pretty crazily. I have an old, but in excellent condition, B600 w/ a 35mm negative carrier, spare bulb, etc if you are interested. Just PM me. It makes excellent prints of 35mm and 6x6, and can print up to 11x14. Not the highest end enlarger, but it's straight and works fine. I can throw in a 50mm and 75mm lens too. It's a small enlarger. I replaced it w/ a B22, and now my bathroom/darkroom is full!