In todays market, $75 is a bit steep, especially since the seller has no idea if the enlarger is complete or not.
And I will second the others about the additional cost of missing parts. I got an enlarger for what I thought was a great deal...well after I replaced $$$ all the missing parts, it wasn't a deal at all.
The best would be someone selling a kit with all the stuff; enlarger, trays, tongs, safelight, etc. Basically the entire darkroom.
I would keep watching Craigs List, or put out a WANT ad yourself.

Check the local cameras shops and ask if they have anyone coming in asking about selling their darkroom stuff. My local camera shop has people that come in asking if he would buy or sell their darkroom gear. But that stuff moves so slow that he no longer does that. He had old enlargers that he could not give away.