I apologize for the delay in responding. I have not attempted warm tones with palladium and ammonium ferric ferrous oxalate (AFFO). If I were developing out palladium, I would opt for lithium palladium chloride, as Dick Sullivan advises that version is warm, even chocolate when developed out in cold bath developer. As for print out with AFFO, I am sure cesium palladium chloride instead of lithium or potassium palladium chloride would yield warm tones. I would also recommend immersing an exposed test print in a first bath of phosphoric acid or of tartaric or lactic acid. I have a contact print of the Alamo given a first bath in lime away, which is 36% phosphoric acid, which is brown. But I rarely print in palladium alone -- I mostly print in pure gold, gold-platinum, or gold-palladium and use an initial wash to shift the tone to neutral gray. Instead of using gold for color, as is the case when using ammonium ferric oxalate as the light sensitive component in print out, I use gold to boost Dmax and contrast with the other metals. Strong Dmax, beautiful gradation, delicate highlights.