Back to the original poster's issue, which I currently experience, too: The Agfaphoto precisa CT 100 has a slight PINK CAST after development in brand new Tetenal E-6 3-bath chemistry!
"My" CT100 is made in Japan, the bar code 105575 identifies it as Fuji Provia 100F. I have been using Sensia exclusively over the years, the Tetenal-Kit gave consistently good, clean results.
The strange thing with this Agfa "Provia" is: The clear chemicals have a pink stain after use, even the stabilizer in the end is pinkish after only 2 rolls!
I wonder how to effectively wash this "dye" away?
(Sorry, I don't have that much rolls to run a full test programme - and slide film got expensive, too...).
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance for help.
Cheers & good light,