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I get the feeling somehow you're not reading this stuff--doesn't matter I guess...Go to the IPI website & download the free "IPI Guide to Acetate Based Film Storage" and then get the free "Preservation Calculator" software--
You are right ... I haven't been paying absolute attention .. and those last couple of messages did seem sort of "circular".

Recently, I went to lunch with a good friend ... who once had, and sold, his own advertising agency. He took one look at our waitress, and said to her, "You should be a model!! - And Ed here will do the photography." Didn't really give me much choice. I really didn't "see" the potential in this girl - but HE did.

I've had one session with her (her first) and the results were so encouraging that I'm now working on the film from the second. I am awestruck with this guy's "eye" ... possibly I can fine-tune mine to work as well. This girl has her pry-bar in the wall" ... My friend was, and IS STILL connected into the "High Fashion" area - and has given a number of photographers in the game their first start.

This is the first time this girl has posed sans clothes, so all processing will be done by me - and she will have "first view" and "first refusal" on all the images. That means I have a LOT of work to do ... and the only time I'll have to discuss and learn about the fine art of plastics will be the time waiting for the chemicals in the JOBO to temperature stabilize.

Oh, BTW ... I did a seach for "IPI" and came up with "Institute for Policy Innovation", "International Potash Institute", "International Protein Index" ... uh ..., could you be a tad more specific as to the address?