Her age is 31. I don't believe this is about underage kids, but about extortion.

I believe a person who uses a photographer for pictures and signs a release then loses all control over the use of the pictures.

However if these were indeed done by an old boyfriend, and he did call to try to extort money then he's in trouble especially if he forged the model release.

Without the release even the sleazy tabloids will not publish the pictures.

I also believe a person, even an actor, has the right to privacy, in their own home (bedroom) and the right to privacy in public restrooms etc.

If her old boyfriend did take racy pictures of her I believe she still has the right to not expect them published. No publication has the right to make money off of you, without you receiving payment. That is what copyright laws are all about.

The only recourse for old boyfriends to get back at old relationships would be to distribute them on the internet. This was done by the sleazeball that broke into Pamela Andersons house and stole her honeymoon videotape. After they were on the internet then the tabloids picked them up as being "news" and avoided any payment. She sued but I don't recall what happened because I was too busy watching the tape.

Michael McBlane