"How soon will the camera be for sale? If everything goes fine, around April 2014. The prototype is nearly feature complete, with beta testing starting these days. Ten preorders will be the first step towards the final product. They will allow Logmar to manufacture the moulds and tools for all the camera parts that currently only exist as 3D-printed prototypes. Then, volume production may begin. The introductory price for preordering customers will most probably be between 2,000 and 2,500 Euro ($2,700-$3,400). After an investment of more than 300,000 Danish Crowns ($55,000), more than one hundred manually assembled parts per camera and four years of continuous unpaid labor, that’s a very fair offer. As a special treat, the first brave ten buyers may, if they wish, choose blue or red instead of black for the color for the anodized aluminum camera body."
from http://www.filmkorn.org/sensational-...-from-denmark/ , an in-depth article about the camera

Please see for further details these sites:
http://www.logmar.dk/?page_id=37 official website