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What is the difference in the framing? There are 35mm XPAN. I thought .. If a 6x7 camera with a wide lens can provide a 1:2 aspect ratio as 35mm film by visualling at least masking a bit of the frame. Does a panoramic camera still provide a wider view (left to right)?
An Xpan with a 90mm lens, and a cropped 6x7 from say, an RB67 wiht a 90mm will look the same. of course. The Xpan also has a 45mm lens, much wider. However, I have a 50mm lens for the RB67, and so get very close by simply cropping and using a slice of the negative that's 1" x 2.25'.

On the other hand, I also use a swing-lens Horizon that takes a rotating panoramic picture covering (IIRC) 170 degrees. It is a totally different animal.