[quote=DKT][quote="Ed SukachOh, BTW ... I did a seach for "IPI" and came up with ...[/quote]

If you're not going to actually read any of this, but keep telling me I'm out to lunch , what does it really matter? here, knock yourself out:..

I *DO NOT* think that you are "out to lunch"... I've known those who were "OTL" and believe me ... you are NOT one of them!!!
Right now, I think *I* am.

Thanks for the expanded address. Will check it out ASAP.

I didn't say I wasn't going to read anything here - I only tried to offer some explanation of why my *writing* was so obtuse. I READ - that takes *much* less time than writing. I had to read what was written to ask for a more well-defined address.