The top one looks like it was taken with a digital, and I cant say why other than the color gradients seem flattened. It has a visual "buzz" that I see in my digicam shots when I look at the white vertical pane divider. Otherwise the color looks normal enough.

I dont know what to make of # 2 because I havent developed color film before.

I agree with getting a scanner, but it might be useful to have the lab make you a CD and ask them not to color correct. You could take the negatives to a pro lab for a scan or two just to rule out some possibilities. You might get a better idea about the effect of a bad lens or old film. In any case, put a roll of fresh Ektar or Portra through it and send/take to a pro lab to eliminate any of the many variables.

Last stab:
It could also be your monitor calibration that makes it look odd.