there is no trouble in mymind photographing homeless people if you show them and treat them with dignity and respect
there are toomany people who walk around with a camera and photograph someone passed out on the corner
or under / on a pile of "stuff" as if to show these folks as a freak-show.
a lot of people withno place to go are there because of dire circumstances, perhaps showing them as people first
and homeless second might help ..
when i was in grad school 20+ years ago i lived in the north end of boston and had to go under the highway overpass
to get to haymarket and eventually walk to school. the tunnel was FILLED with homeless guys, mostly "sharing a smile" ( getting drunk )
by about 8am. they'd ask for money endlessly, but i was a broke student who just had FOOD, so i would give them food.
eventually i became kind of friendly with a few of them, but never made portraits, but i am sure if i did, i could have shown
then as people, not as vagrants / hobos / "bums" because thats what they were ... people.