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I never said they were distasteful and disrespectful. But I do see them as taking advantage of the subjects because they DO dehumanize them in the sense that the people are reduced to symbols or even graphic forms. They have been essentialized into a dehumanized stand-in for homelessness and disability. That is both a strength and weakness of the medium - the ability to transform a subject from specific to generic, or rather to allow the subject to inhabit both specific and generic spaces simultaneously, because the subject is so uniquely detailed that you can't see them exclusively allegorically.

thats what photography is reducing things down to a graphical symbolic form.
you might think his images are dehumanizing, i find them to be just the opposite
unfortunately the lions share of photography in this day and age
doesnt do it well.


couldnt agree more cliveh
too much disrespect out there,
all we can do is buck the trend i suppose ...