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You noticed him with your camera,made a wonderful photograph,..but,as someone who lived out of my Jeep for awhile,I hope you at least noticed him with a sandwich or some offer for some level of assistance.

I remember finding a five dollar bill and feeling a qave of relief.It meant I could buy an endless cup of coffee at Denny,which in turn gave me access to an outlet to charge my phone which in turn helped me do job searching,and more importantly,use my cellphone camera to photograph everyday.It kept me mentally stable just to do something productive.For me,photography,even as primitive as using an old 3mp little device,was that in composing the image..I was in the present.I wasnt struggling with my past, or despairing about an improbable future,but rather..as I looked through the viewfinder my mind is filled with the evidence that at least in THIS monent,and in THIS light, I can see something good,beautiful,and right.
It is a redemptive process..all because that day,I had five bucks.

Many homeless are mentally ill.I can tell you, if you are not beaten down before you became homeless..you will be.The energy to do each day what we all take for granted is enormous.

So..take the photograph, then say a prayer, then offer something more if you can..even conversation.A persons biggest fight is for some sense of inner dignity..even if.on the outside it looks like that battle has been lost.

Well,the subject hit close to home(no pun intended).But to add another..being homeless is no walk in the park..but sometimes..thats all it is.

Here is an image or two from that time.

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thanks, and i hope things are good these days.
i offer a sandwich or gift card to a grocery store as often as i can.
unfortunately some people roll their eyes and suggest i am
" part of the problem " as they climb into their chevy taho oe caddy escalade
all alone and speed off to get another latte ...

nice images too