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Does anyone know how wide it might look? I read somewhere that its around 40mm on a 35mm camera. Does that sound right to anybody? Ps im also looking to buy one in a barrel if anyone is selling.
Depends which way you crop (because 14x17 isn't the same ratio as the 2x3 of 35mm).
(I've done this quickly so someone might want to check my maths)
17x14" is 431x355mm.
Crop to 431x287 to get 3x2 aspect
Then 355*36/431 = 29.6mm.
at f/9 that also works out to a 35mm DOF of 29.6mm f/0.75 (I'd be stopping down to at least 355mm f/64 to get a semi-reasonable 29mm f/5.4 in 35mm-equiv)

I'm also interested in G-Clarons for my 12x20 project, but I probably can't afford one (I'll just stick with pinholes for now)