I had a little bit of time last weekend to take a few quick snaps in the back yard developed them last night. The 1st with the tree was Foma 400 @ 250 in D76 1:1 @ 75C for 7min. The 2nd is with Arista Ortho Litho 2 in Dektol 1:4 which had 15g/L of KBr in it from a previous printing session, I developed by inspection so I didnt time it. Both were scanned with my HP G4050 today as they were still drying last night when I was printing in the darkroom.

Both were shot without filters on my Wista SP at f16 and f22, the lens is very sharp at these apertures at both the center and the corners. I tried some close up shots but I totally forgot about bellows factor, so they came out very very under exposed.

More practice is in order with this lens, especially with testing larger movements (as the regular bellows limits it a little for large movements as it sits close, a bag bellows may work better) but I think its a keeper.