I had a eureka moment in the darkroom today. I was cleaning up after mixing some new printing chemistry when I happened to notice the empty Ilford Fixer bottle (1 litre) that I'd just washed out and put aside looked suspiciously like the Jobo bottle I happened to set it beside.

I needed an extra Jobo bottle the other day and was lucky in having some old ones from an old CPP I'd bought from JDC a few years back when he left Vancouver. But the fact is now filed away for future reference.

Had it dawned on me, I would have searched here and LFF and found this fact had been reported years ago, and not had my moment. But I didn't.

The Ilford bottle has a bit smaller opening (~36mm vs. 42mm for the Jobo), but otherwise it seems about the same - it even fits just as well into the water bath positions of my CPA.