Jumping juhosifax (sp?). I didn't realize there so many other masi...err...enthusiasts. OK, well how does Friday, August 12 sound to everyone?

I'll apply for a film permit for Gansevoort St, 11th Ave, 10th Ave, 9th Ave, 14th St, 13th, Little 12th St and say it will be a group.

If you want to apply on your own to shoot outside these streets or later, you'll have to apply on your own. It's easy and it's free.

I also have the phone numbers of some of the companies in the area. I'll try to get is IN the plants themselves. Otherwise it's all street shooting.

As for lighting, it will obviously be mixed lighting - natural, neon, flourescent, tungsten, all sorts...and yes, there will be trucks everywhere, so we all have to pay special care to safety.