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Alan, you've got outstanding results with both positive and negative film. I'm using the same scanner but my results are nowhere near, at least not for negative film.

It would be great to hear something about your workflow sometime?
Thanks for your comments. I find that I sometimes get unreliable results with negative color photos too. Such as with Ektar 100 when I scan them although Portra seems to work better. I've reverted to mainly shooting Velvia 50 positives although I just started to shoot Tmax 100. I haven't posted anything yet. But it seems to scan pretty well too.

A lot of my early scans burned the highlights as I used auto during the Epson program scan. You can see that in my scuba pictures of 35mm Ektachromes. So now the easliet way is to scan flat. No adjustments at all during the scan and do everything in post. The first thing I do I adjust levels. Once I get that done 90% is OK so then I just tweak. You got to work at it a lot until you get a flow working for yourself. Good luck. LAan.