They are in defense business and obtained patent at 2011. I think there are enough camera in china to keep them afloat.

On Jul.1, 1958, the No.1 Cine Film Factory of State Chemical Industry Bureau, the predecessors of China Lucky began ground-breaking construction in western suburb of Baoding city
On Jul.1, 1959, Lucky produced the first batch of Chinese B/W cine positive film, and produced 427 thousand meters totally in that year.
In Aug.1959, Lucky succeeded in the trial-production of photo imaging film.
In Oct.1959, Lucky succeeded in the trial-production of civil film 135.
On Sep.23, 1965, the first phase of project with annual production of 100 million meters film was put into operation.
In 1969, Lucky B/W cine positive film, B/W mid-speed cine negative film and cine audio negative film began exporting.
In 1972, Lucky B&W reversal film and high-speed film (HD-5) began exporting.
In 1974, Lucky B/W cine positive and negative film, aerial survey film began exporting.
In 1975, Lucky magnetic tape began exporting.
In 1977, Lucky cine tape and water-soluble color positive film began exporting.
In 1978, Lucky Black and white aerial reconnaissance film began exporting.
In 1980, Lucky cine subtitles film began exporting.
In 1981, Lucky oil-soluble positive film began exporting.
In 1985, Lucky color film began exporting.
In Mar. 1985,”Lucky” trademark was firstly used.
In 1986, Lucky Black & White film of 120 and 135 began exporting.
On May 26, 1988, Lucky color paper YZ-21 and processing chemicals for G66 color paper passed the testing of State Chemical Industry Bureau.
On Jul.4, 1990, Lucky daylight color film BR100 passed the testing of State Chemical Industry Bureau.
In Sep, 1992, the third generation of color film GBR100 was successfully developed and coated with qualified samples.
On Jan.22, 1998, Lucky stock was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange. The stock referred to as “Lucky film”, its stock code is 600135.
On Jan.5, 1999, Lucky brand was granted “Chinese famous brand” by State Administration for Industrial & Commercial of P.R.C.
On Aug.11, 1999, Lucky was certificated under ISO 9001 standard for quality assurance system by Beijing New Century Certification Center.
In Mar. 2000, Lucky was certificated under ISO14001 for environment protection by Certification Center of China Environment Science Institute.
In May 2000, Lucky Color Paper of True Color SA-2 was granted “National Innovative Product” by State Economic and Trade Commission.
On Sep.1, 2001, Lucky Color Film was granted “Famous Product” by China Brand Strategy Promotion Committee.
In Oct.2001, Lucky launched the new product of medical green sensitive X-ray film.
At the end of Oct., 2001, Lucky Film Co Ltd., a subsidiary company of China Lucky ranked “World Best Small Company” of third selection announced by the famous American magazine of “Forbes”.
In May 2002, Dingfeng, the technical team leader in the PS plate process plant, the Second Film Factory of China Lucky Film Corp. was granted “National Labor Medal” by China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU).
In Feb.2003, China Lucky Film Corp. was granted “Units of public welfare for Chinese women” at the Award Ceremony of “Earth’s Love, Mother’s Water Cellar” held by China Women’s federation.
In Nov.2003, China Lucky Film Corp. became to be the only research and manufacture base for aeronautic remote sensing film in China.
On Feb.24, 2004, China Lucky Film Corp. was awarded “Top Hundred Strong of 2003 China Petroleum and Chemical Enterprises”.
In Sep.2004, Lucky polyester film passed American UL testing.
On Oct.17, 2004, Lucky technical centre was conferred “State Certified Enterprise Tech-Center Achievement Award”.
In Nov, 2004, Lucky launched access control system and magnetic ticket to market and received high mark from consumers.
In May, 2005, Lucky medical X-ray film product passed the CE testing of European Union and was granted with CE certificate.
In Jun, 2005, Lucky general polyester film passed SGS testing and was granted with SGS certificate.
On Jun.13, 2005, Lucky special film applied to satellites passed the Quality Inspection of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. The 1112 type and 1113 type which passed the Inspection would be equipped to the recoverable satellite.
In Sep. 2005, Lucky color film and color paper were both conferred “Chinese Famous Product” at the 2005 China world brand awards ceremony.
In Mar.2006, “Hefei Lucky Industry park” was started up to promote the researching and manufacturing of Optical grade polyester film material and coating material.
In April,2006, China Lucky Film Corporation succeeded to register “LUCKY” and “” in Africa Intellectual Property Registration, which meant China Lucky Film Corporation got its exclusive logo in sixteen African countries.
On Feb.29, 2008, the second phase of “Hefei Lucky Industry Park” was started up.
On May.26, 2008, the first solar back sheet film production line was started up.
In Nov.2008, Four Lucky products were certified as “Hebei Independent innovation product”. The four products were Lucky digital color paper, LUCKY Magnetic Thermal Card Plate, LUCKY Crystal Inkjet Paper and LUCKY Optical PET Film.
In February, 2009, China Lucky Film Corporation was granted “National Intellectual Property Model” by State Intellectual Property Office.
On Apr.30 2009, Huaguang digital graphic plate production line was put into operation.
In July, 2009, “LUCKY Digital Color Paper” was accredited as one of the first patch of National Independent Innovation Product of the first group.
On Oct.2009, China Lucky Film Corporation was was named the second batch of national innovation-oriented enterprises.
On Jun.16, 2009, the Flexible resin print plate production line was started up in Nanyang city where Lucky Huaguang Graphic co., Ltd. locates.
On Mar.25 2010, Lucky Huaguang Graphic co., Ltd. started up the construction of PCB production line.
On Apr.16, 2010, the innovation material industry park for more than 10 production line including magnetic train ticket line and real thermal paper line was begun ground-breaking construction. It will be built in three phases and planned completion in Aug.2015.
On Jan. 2, 2011, the civil engineering for Kunshan Lucky-Jinfu Photoelectronic Scien - Tech Co., Ltd began groundbreaking. The company was set to develop and produce optical functional film materials used in flat panel display products and process products, including optical film products, adhesive products and insulation products.
On Jan. 10, 2011, the strategic patent project for State Intellectual Property Office undertaken by China Lucky named “Strategic Patent Research on Optical PET Film for FPD” passed acceptance check by SIPO.
On Feb. 21, 2011, the registration for the graphic trademark of China Lucky to be used on solar back sheet film, a semi-production of plastic sheet for industrial manufacturing was approved by State Trademark Office.
On Mar. 2, 2011, the second TAC film production line and the third solar back sheet film production line began ground-breaking construction in Baoding where China Lucky’s headquarters located.
On Mar. 19, 2011, China Lucky was respectively certificated again under ISO 9001 version 2000 standard for quality assurance system and ISO14001 for environment protection by China Xin Shi Dai Certification Centre.
On Apr. 1, 2011, a holding company of China Lucky named BaoDing Lucky International ltd. with independent legal person qualification was set up.
On Apr. 2, 2011, the first phase of state “863” electronic paper researching project named “fast response, high stability of microcapsules electronic ink material and display technology” carried by Lucky Huaguang Graphic Co., Ltd and Zhejiang University passed the test organized by State Ministry of Science and Technology.
On Apr. 22, 2011, Lucky High Performance Film materials Institute was formally established in Hefei Lucky Industrial Park, which was the first research institute of high performance film in China.
On Jun. 3, 2011, China Lucky was honored on the list of 2010(25th) “Chinese Top Hundred Enterprises of Electronic Information Industry” released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of P.R.C. and ranking No. 86.
On Jul. 30, 2011, the TP-G Chemical-free thermal CTP Plate developed and produced by Lucky Huaguang Graphic Co., Ltd passed the technical result confirmation taken by Chinese Petroleum & Chemical Industry Federation.
According to the document “The Circular of reorganization between Aerospace Science and Technology Corp .and China Lucky Film Corp.” issued by SASAC, the higher state authority of the two enterprises on Sept.5 2011, China Lucky Film Corp. has been wholly merged into ASTC as its wholly owned subsidiary from then on.
On Oct. 22, 2011, according to the evaluation report for the 729 State level Enterprise Technical Centre of 2010 released by State Development & Reform Commission, China Lucky Technical Centre ranked 77 ,upward 91 from its’ last ranking as 168.
On Nov. 2, 2011, an invention patent of China Lucky named “A Transparent Polyester Film and its Manufacturing Method” was rewarded with excellent medal of the 13th Chinese Patent Award officially announced by State Intellectual Property Office, which is the highest patent award evaluated by Chinese Government.
On Nov. 5, 2011, “the Transparent Electromagnetic Wave Shielding Film”of China Lucky passed the test organized by State National Defense Office for Technology & Industry.
On Nov. 29, 2011, “HuaGuang” trademark of China Lucky was awarded as Famous Chinese Trademark, the highest honor for trademarks in China by Trademark Bureau of State Administration for Industry & Commerce.