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This would be interesting to know about so many of our cameras. If only they were registered with a central body such as DVLA do with cars .... then again maybe not as the government would then be quick to find a way to tax camera usage (apart from VAT!)
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They don't track that stuff for no reason. Taxes and surveillance would be motives for cameras. If you use a registered digital camera to record something illegal or subversive, they'll track down the serial number in the exif data and you'll be an inteilligence target. Bad guys will have film cameras. Jaguar is saying it's good to be bad?

In this country we're resisting the registration of guns. The state of Connecticut is requiring registration of semiautomatic rifles, and practically nobody is registering. On cars, we get taxed on sales, annual registration, and at the fuel pump (we have it easy at the pump compared to europe), maybe with cameras we'd have big taxes on memory cards and film and inkjet ink and all photo supplies? It's more of a luxury than cars.