I have a few cameras and film holders with previous owners' names or notes associated, but the only ones where I know anything more than a name are the ones handed down within the family.

My Speed Graphic has a whole mess of reference information written on it; you can tell what lenses the previous owner had, that s/he favored Tri-X and used several different types of flash bulbs, and there's a whole table of numerology that I've never managed to decode at all. Whatever it was, they wrote it out meticulously and taped the notes carefully in place on the bed for quick reference, so it must have been fairly important. (I've been working on reconstructing the original kit; I think the only think I'm missing is the 100mm, which I theorize was a WF-Ektar in shutter.)

For some reason I never thought of adding my name to the "roll call" on any of this stuff, but maybe I should for the benefit of future spelunkers. At least my great-grandfather's Voigtlaender Bergheil should have a note in the case about its provenance.