Took delivery Wednesday of a parts/repair lot of two "Nikon FM" bodies won on the auction site that either goes unnamed or whose name is paraphrased in a derogatory manner. Only one is actually an FM, and it's slightly cannibalized, but the top plate and ADR optics are intact, which is what I wanted. It was clear in the auction pic the other body was an FE, a well-worn black-finished one at that.

After my first FM top cover removal [with the help of the Tomosey Nikon repair book], I turned to the FE. Whatever the shutter speed setting, I reset the dial to M90, and tried to fire it. Nothing happened - the shutter button was stuck. I took a mechanical pencil point to the base plate button for the MD, and the shutter fired - promising. Neither body came with a battery holder, so naturally their meters weren't working. I had a spare from a junker EM body, so I loaded a pair of good 357s, and watched the meter move up and down the scale as I varied film speed settings and aimed the FE alternately at lights and dim doorways - more promising.

I mounted a lens, set the dial to AUTO, aimed at a table lamp, and tripped the shutter from the base plate MD release - IT FIRED.

With application of some 91% alcohol and a drop or two of Goo-Gone in the shutter button collar and help from a toothpick and a couple of cotton swabs, enough of the oily gunk dissolved and came loose to free up the shutter release.

So here's my latest - a well-used black-finished FE with personality galore - looks like I'm gonna send it in for a CLA and put a few rolls through it.

Thanks and regards,