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Thanks for the suggestion Erie. Of course by using alligator clips to grab the contacts in the battery pack I would not be modifying anything in the pack itself so using the stock battery is still an option. I'm not sure if Sears carries 6volt batteries but in any case I'll definitely want a sealed lead, deep-cycle battery and not a traditional cold-cranking starter battery. Anyone else?
I actually did that with my 285HV speedlites, using a 7.2v SLA Deep Cycle wheelchair battery from eBay. For your purposes, a couple in parallel would work quite well. I actually drilled small holes in the battery cover of my flashes, and wired up dummy batteries, and used RCA connectors hooked up to the batteries. Was a pretty slick setup.

You could also do Lithium or NiMH battery packs, if you want to save weight. I considered doing something similar to old MTB head lights-- a NiMH battery pack mounted in a bike water bottle, and then clamping a water bottle cage to my light stands. Never got around to it, though, as I don't do product photography much anymore.