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Before you leap for cheap, consider buying an enlarger that has the biggest neg format you ever expect to want. It should be the last enlarger you need for life, if you buy Beseler, Omega, Durst. Those brands also have tons of used carriers, lens boards, upgrades and spare parts available for them on Ebay and here.
In the US Beseler and Omega, but NOT Durst.

Spare parts for Durst in the US is difficult to find and when you do they tend to be EXPENSIVE.
IF you get a Durst, you want it as complete as possible, because the missing parts will be hard to find and expensive.

I got a Durst L1000 for $50...such a deal...
...NOT....By the time I finished getting most of the missing parts it was NOT a good deal.
And I still have not found all the parts I need, and may have to have some of the negative masks fabricated for me.

Even with Beseler and Omega, you want the enlarger as complete as possible, or you will be spending time and $ looking for the missing parts.