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M7 and M9 in 6 months ? I bet you can hire a national geographic team to shoot for you at amazon or deep africa ! I bet you will dislike your hasselblad in next month and turn to iphone.
What are you making up for here exactly? Are you short or something? Bad job maybe? Didn't make it where you felt you should?

In any case, don't sweat it... I won't judge you for having judged me. It's just not in my nature.

Oh, and ironically... I do work for Nat Geo. How about them apples?


To the rest of you, thanks so much for the help. With my 35mm negs, I both scan them for web use and use my Focomat IC (35mm only enlarger) to make prints. I take photos for both work and pleasure. The work stuff is mostly with the M9 and sometimes with scanned negs. The pleasure stuff is mostly film these days. I figured if I really liked working with the 6x6 neg, I'd sell the IC and get a more flexible enlarger.

I think the 500C is probably what I really want, but I just don't have the budget for it right now. From what I can tell, it takes $1000 to get into a decent kit and start taking photos.