(the "218" patent)

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But it is nearing expiring date.
Yeah, that's true, but the smartphone companies couldn't possibly have waited for it to expire while letting their competitors go to market with better camera features. Played right, I think it should have been good for a big one-time licensing windfall for the purchaser, except for that little problem of being deemed invalid. (And I haven't looked at that court decision, so I have no idea what a healthy company's prospects would have been for recovering from it.)

The really nice thing is that it would be a competitively-necessary license, but not a standardized or regulatory-required one; no one says you *have* to have a camera with live preview in your phone. That quite possibly means that they could have licensed it without being restricted to the usual "fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory" terms: You want to make a competitive phone now and keep up with the market? You gotta play our game! It looks to me like a pretty big opportunity that was missed because of the collapse of that patent.