I'm needing to clear out a lot of large format and darkroom stuff that I'm no longer able to use, so here goes.

CPA2/CPP2 Processor w/ Jobo Process Timer 16
extra CPP2 head (spare)
(12) 1000ml chemical bottles
(4) 600ml chemical bottles
Jobo Drums
(1) 1510
(1) 1520
(2) 1530
(2) 2850
(2) 2830
(2) 2820
(1) 2870 Module (extension)
(1) 3063 + extra top
(9) film reels
Misc. magnets & small parts

Asking $3,000.

Note regarding shipping: This processor + all the drums + spare CPP2 and bottles is bulky and will require packing that I will have done by a UPS store or similar. I have no idea what the actual packing and shipping cost will be to any specific location. I will PM the prospective buyer of the actual cost prior to shipping. If the cost is acceptable, buyer must remit payment before the shipment is released. The item may also be picked up in San Rafael, California.

I'll be also posting my Linhof Technica V gear, Nikonos V underwater cameras, a Saunders LPL 870 DXL dichro enlarger and Colorstar analyzer, lenses, an Omega Pro Lab II enlarger with ZBE Oriental VC-CLS head in addition tothe condenser head.