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It is all dependent on how much the product sells.
With Fujifilm's incompetent marketing group, you can be sure that film sales will be less and less each year. Fujifilm's brazen ignorance at how to sell film in today's world is stupefying.

Fujifilm's web site is woefully out of date and inadequate regarding their film line. It is plain embarrassing to look there.

Fujifilm discontinues films without notice. Neopan 400 in 120 size. Where are the price increases to try to keep this film alive? None, it's just gone. The market WILL pay higher prices for good quality films. Same with Provia 400X. Reala 100. The market is given no chance to try to save these films.

I used to think Kodak would exit the film business first. Not any more. Fujifilm's stunning level of incompetence is making me put money on them failing first.