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With Fujifilm's incompetent marketing group, you can be sure that film sales will be less and less each year. Fujifilm's brazen ignorance at how to sell film in today's world is stupefying.
Well, then why Fuji has the succeed to "increase" the sales of the "Instax" film today(esp. Asian market)?
It is Fuji's marketing effort.
I won't discuss about what effort / how Fuji did to start increase the "Instax" market, it is just a waste of time.

This is somewhat similar that the Kodak has a strong influence in motion picture because they did the effort to that market.

But there are things that even you put an effort, but the result will not follow.
Unfortunately that is the reality.

For the argument of which is going to stay the market longer for the sliver halide products, I will just say, We'll see.