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I simple love my C330 Pro F. I have the 55/80/135 lenses, but primarily use the 55mm. Unbelieveable high acutance on these optics. My for some reason has stopped auto advancing the shutter making it a two step process, but it isn't too inconveninent.
I currently live in TEDA near Tianjin which is about 40 min. by bullet train from Beijing. In Beijing I visited Wukesong - big (but unimpressive) camera market place. I think they go for around 2000 RMB. But condition and extras are really the determining factor here.
I was unimpressed with Wukesong too. Shanghai's camera market is much better.

I'll have to ask the price next time. Thing camera looked far too good to be that cheap. Of course, a 180mm lens has only a certain level of usefulness to me.