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Kodak used a different method which they believed did not violate Polaroid's patent.
Polaroid's initial complaint was in 1976, and the final award came in 1990.

BTW, "cases" do not go to Congress. They go to the courts- a separate branch of government.
Well I thought they went to court by 80 or 81 and Kodak were buying back cameras in 86-87. But memory is fallible, I still had a stash of film in 87 so I kept the camera. Buying back cameras retail was expensive enough and the final damages for Polariod large.

They were found guilty of more than one violation of more than one patent, although all the Kodak chemistry was different.

I thought that one of the violations was automatic ejection of a print...

Kodak could have made film packs like Fuji. Indeed they had made lots of things for Polariod.

I think the Ja operate a photo patent pool instead of funding lawyers.

I know it was settled in the Fed's appeal court, I thought it made it to congress discussionsll as well?