I got a 65mm C lens for a Mamiya RB 67 with floating lens.

Now,the problem is that the front end of the barrel (about 1cm wide has the aperture scale for the floating lens (32 to 32) with a red dot in the middle, this part does not turn, inside this is the ring for the distance that turns, the problem is the the aperture scale is not aligned with the other scales, all the other scales has the red dot up when the lens is on camera, but the outer ring is about 2cm to the left so the red dot is in the wrong position.

Hmm, hope you understand what I mean, not so easy to explain, so the outer ring should be turned a little but it is rock solid and I suppose it should be, any idea why this has happend and what can be done to fix it, it looks like the floating lens works fine, it's just the scale that is not alligned correct.

Here is a picture of the same kind of lens:

The top red dot is not at the same place on my lens, it's to the left at the position where the aperture 16 distance 3 meter markers are on the picture.