Dan , Ian I really am surprised. I genuinely believed that the majority if not most Pacemakers had Grafloks fitted. I suppose it is because I have generally bought them with Grafloks fitted. I assumed that was the norm. Dan I also have a soft spot for the little ones too.

I have two Miniature Speed Graphics one with and one without a Graflok. A Graflok backed Pacemaker 2x3 Speed Graphic and a Century Graphic. I have so many because that was how I gained my roll film holders. I bought outfits including roll film holders often for less than the roll film holders could be bought for on their own. Crazy I know but true. I had intended to sell them on but once they had warmed themselves in front of my fire. Well it would have been cruel and unnecessarily harsh to toss them back out to fend for themselves in a cruel cold world.