Don't forget to try Harman Direct-Positive as well. The result is then a unique one-off print, rather than a negative (paper or film) which can be contact-printed.

If you find it necessary, the Direct Positive paper can be easily flashed in advance of use for coping with contrasty lighting, assuming that you have some sort of darkened room available. Do it in the same way as for flashing a normal print - choose some level of flashing-exposure below that which gives the first visible grey.[/QUOTE]


I better google Harman DPP right now. This may be the answer to my issue. I never heard of it. All the info you guys gave me is great and I am going to rethink the film vs paper issue. Glad I got the 25 sheets of 4x5 film though. I never worked with anything over 120. Thank you all.