Hi Everyone,

Still new to LF, so forgive me if I have some dumb questions.

I was suggested to, and able to pick up an Ektar 203mm 7.7. I was able to find one, along with a 127mm 4.7 for under $150. It seemed like a deal- although the shutter on the 203 appears to need a CLA - it is a little stiff.

The rear cell/element on the 127 has these weird marks -dirt/scratches? in the corner. The rear element on the 127 and the 203 appear slightly different- however have the same threading and fit each other. Would I be able to use the rear element from the 203mm on the 127?

I read a little bit on mounting these lenses (There is also a recent post on the board about it) but to be sure I will ask- I plan to mount the lenses on my Horseman 45HF. I have a lensboard with copal 0 on its way. From my understanding, with the flanges on these lenses there shouldn't be too much of an issue mounting them? Or perhaps the hole on the copal may need to be slightly opened? OR maybe I can just have an undrilled lensboard sent over and have someone put the correct size in. Regardless- I wanted to ask if anyone thought there would be any foreseeable issues mounting theses lenses onto the Horseman.

Thanks in advance!!