I have a four of these lenses. I might be able to use the Wollensak

Image # 101_2944 Lens on left is a C.P. Goertz #375353 Dogmar 1:6,3 F 165mm D.R.P.
On the right is a Compur No.81646 Anticomar 1:42 F 18cm Plaubel & Co.

Image # 101_2937 - Wollensak Rochester NY USA Enlarging F4:5 to 32 Velostgmat 6 3/8" Focus

Image # 101_2936 Kodak Antistigmat F-7.7
The ones with shutters all seem to work well and glass is decent. Any Ideas of what I can use these for? I do not know the history behind these. I found these cleaning out my father-in-laws basement. They seem to be old but still functional.
I currently shoot 35 mm film and develop and print B&W I would have to think on mounting the Wollensak enlarging lens. I would need to cut a lensboard for it I think as the mount is different on my Beseler 23cII. ANy input would be appreciated and if anyone has a use for these let me know