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The guy says his most used lens is a Leica 35mm 1.4 ASPH and yet people are on here recommending cheap-ass garage sale classics for $10. Unless you have used an M 35mm 1.4 ASPH for a length of time, you have no idea what a spectacular negative or slide this now $3,000 used lens produces, I had one for 3 years before I sold off most of my Leica gear in favor of my Hasselblad stuff. I do have one M3 and a 50 Lux left, all the Leica I need.

I'm not saying it is all about the camera, but if you intend to compete in Formula One, you don't show up in a restored 1965 Ferrari.

If one wants to *really* experience the jump in image quality from 35 to 120, then put the glass first, especially coming from Leica folks. If hooked, he can do more research and pick the camera or system that works best for him.

My wife and I are going to be traveling abroad for three weeks next year. I could bring my Nikons, the Leica M3 with the Xpan, Hassy or 4x5. I am bringing a 501CM with a 60 and 100 and two backs, I daily carry a 501CM all the time, at least a few times a week, it's not much bigger than an SLR and it is a joy to use, great self promotion too.

It's all relative I guess....
I recommended the Ansco Super Speedex mainly because of it's superb image quality in a nice coat pocketable package. It also generally comes in under the stated budget by $100. So what if it's older than the 1965 Ferrari I don't know if you were referring to this recommendation in particular, but I want to put out there that I think the quality of the images are on par with what I get from my Hasselblad. It's certainly not as flexible as a system camera, but it's also a lot more portable. Because of that I don't feel silly walking around a grocery store or hospital carrying it, whereas I don't usually bring any camera that requires a bag on non photo related trips.

You may want to pick up one for your trip abroad to supplement the Hasselblad