The 165mm f6.3 Goertz Dogmar is a Dialyt, covers 4x5 with movements, has a 55 angle of view, basically a normal to slighter longer than normal for the format. Introduced in 1926. The shutter is a Dial Set shutter.
Plaubel Anticomar 18cm/180mm f4.2 is in a Dial set Compur. Covers 6x9. Possibly mid 1950's vintage.
Dial set shutters are not cocked to use the B bulb or T time setting. Set the lever/dial to B for bulb, T for time, I for instantaneous, set the speed dial to the desired shutter speed and cock the shutter. B- press the release lever to open the shutter, release the lever to close the shutter. T- press the release to open the shutter, press the release a second time to close the shutter.

Kodak Anastigmat f7.7 is in a Kodak ball bearing shutter. Focal length 170mm to 203mm. Probably off a folder that made post card size negatives or a similar size. Should be a good performer.