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From the uniquely cool perspective, I have to also go along with the Fujifilm GF670.

A modern-day medium format folding bellows camera? With a choice of either 6x6 or 6x7 formats? And a killer modern meter? Brand new? No wear and tear? Under warranty? Parts and service easily and cheerfully available? With a modern Fuji EBC coated lens that is so sharp the photos will make your eyes bleed? And a killer accurate electronic shutter? That is so quiet it's impossible to even hear from six inches away? And the whole tomato can be slipped into an oversized coat pocket?

Geez, only a few years ago who would have thought such a thing would even be available ever again? Me thinks the 'cool' factor needle has been pinned. Gads, in a pinch the thing is even a serviceable chick magnet that doesn't require puppy food...

Heh heh heh....dont' beat around the bush Ken, how do you REALLY feel?