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Best description of this lot I've heard yet. Good choice of words, Bethe.
And you're one of them! I, uh, mean, one of US!

When I joined APUG, I was using medium format and still mostly 35mm. Now, I barely use the 35mm stuff and am even contemplating an 8x10 (I have two holders that I bought for pinhole stuff). I recently bought a new 4x5. I blame/thank APUG for the fact that I now have 4 working 4x5s, 3 or 4 folders that take 120 (6x6 and 6x9), and a few pinhole cameras that I didn't have before Jan '05. I started trying out 4x5 because I saw APUGers (Whitey and papagene included) using them at an outing and because someone gave me an old lens for 4x5. That lens still has not been used by me, but I've acquired all the other stuff partially because of it.

It may be a slippery slope or a wild ride, but it's a good way to use some brain cells and produce something you can be proud of. I like being able to say "I made this." And the added bonus of starting with an oddball piece of something and making a way to use it is lots of fun.

If nothing else, they are great little subjects for some still life shots. I hope none of this scares you off and that you find a cool way to use these lenses.