Gevaert, before the union with Agfa after WWII, was an increadibly progressive company in terms of social services. Not so difficult: year after year, the company was able to incraese its profits. As a reward, the employees were allowed to get early retirement (after 20 years of night shift, total career of 33 yeas: this means retirement at 51, a part payed by the government, another by the company).
Today, the profits have gone. The employees, luckily, are still there (3000 on the Mortsel-Flanders plant). They have striked for 12 days to maintain their right to early retirement, and they have won. The employment is assured by the company direction until 2016.
So, don't worry, our precious Rollei retro 80S, retro 400S (former Aviphot films) will stay available - until 2016. I fear that, after that date, no more film will be produced, because this company is doomed to disseapear. In the economical situation now, no company can afford it to send 51-year old people to pension when the legal age is 65.