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What is the "non-book of serial numbers" mentioned in post #11?
Someone at Graflex Inc. compiled a list of serial numbers assigned to Graflex products by date the numbers were assigned. They fill a small ledger book. The late Theron "Tim" Holden, a former Graflex employee who may also have compiled the list, used it to answer questions posted on www.graflex.org about the date on which a Graflex camera was made. His answers were compiled by someone -- I don't know who -- and were posted as the Shutterfinger list, which can be found at http://graflex.coffsbiz.com/serials.html You can read about Mr. Holden at http://ghq.graflex.org/

Someone -- I have no idea who -- got access to the ledger, scanned it, posted it on a web site, and then took it down. That's the non-book. The non-book and the Shutterfinger list don't always agree.

The non-book has its weaknesses. It is incomplete. The serial numbers it records start in 1915, but Folmer & Schwing started making cameras in 1915. The last s/n recorded dates from 1965, but Graflex Inc. closed in 1972. There's a comment "See new book" on a page that ends in '65, but there's no book.

It is hard to use. It shows some blocks of numbers as having been assigned more than once. The list has to be read very carefully.

It is misleading. Serial numbers were assigned in blocks but cameras weren't made as soon as the numbers were assigned. There's no guarantee that all serial numbers in a block were ever used and there's no indication at all when they were actually used.