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I just love the softer, low contrast quality I get from pre-war uncoated lenses. I own two folders from the 1930s, one from the 1920s, and one from 1914. These are all 6x9 format, and while still fairly compact (more so than any of my Nikons for sure,) it would be hard to beat a 6x6 folder for compactness and maintain fairly large image size.
I love the "uncoated" look sometimes too, particularly with slide film, although I think it needn't be soft for any intrinsic reason---a good Tessar should be as sharp as dammit in the center, coated or not, though it'll never have the edge and corner sharpness of some fancier designs. But typical old folders, especially in 6x9, have some trouble maintaining good film flatness, which makes critical focus a little dicier than it would be with a modern camera.

But not everyone wants "softer, low contrast", and certainly sharp-and-contrasty can be had in medium format if that's the direction the OP wants to go...I just wouldn't suggest a folder for *that* direction. (Well, I might, but it'd be a plate camera with a Heliar, which isn't many people's choice for a walking-around camera!)