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Hopefully it is just supply issues and will get straightened out for you folks in Asia.

I love Portra 400. It's my standard neg file (Ektar 100 for times when I want more saturated colors for landscapes, flowers etc.) I don't have any real need for the 160 when 400 gives such great results with a stop and a third more speed (though 160 is a fine film.)

I shoot 800 too but could probably live without it if I had to. I certainly don't WANT to, though.
For black and white film, I am all set. I know what I like and it's easily available. I never have a problem with monochrome film.

With color, I'm a basket case. I LOOOOVE Reala 100. But it is damn expensive now at nearly $10 a roll of 120 film. 160NS is still available for less than half that. I like 400H, but again, VERY expensive at around $9 a roll. Portra 400 is hard to find, and I dont even like it when it's here. I've tried it several times and I just can't connect with the colors. I will try Portra 160 when 160NS finally dries up. Maybe that is better.

I just got back from the lab a bunch of Provia shots and they look great. E6 processing is pretty cheap here in China so I think for color I might settle with Provia 100F and 400X (you can still find a lot of it here) and switch to C41 when back in the US.

I wish color film photography were more simple.