Personally, if my lowest contrast filter was still too contrasty and dodging and burning were not doing the trick, I'd try a soft-working developer as a first step, like Selectol Soft or Ansco 120.

Then I'd try water-bath developing in conjunction with the slow-working developer (15 seconds in the developer with agitation, 1 minute in a tray of plain water without agitation = 1 cycle; 2-3 cycles is pretty low contrast).

Then flashing, then SLIMT.

Flashing can help a lot, but reduces highlight contrast/tonal separation, which may or may not be alright with the subject being printed. It's straightforward and easy though and often very gratifying.

The SLIMT technique can be rewarding too, and will retain the highlight separation, but requires some calibration and/or takes a bit of paper to get nailed down.