I've got several of the cameras I've seen recommended above: The C330, a Rollei ('flex, in my case), a Super Ikonta, and a Bronica S2. All are quality kit, but I have to suspect that if Ryan is coming from the Leica M system, he'll find the C330 (C220, etc.) and the S2 far too huge, and the S2 too noisy. The Super Ikonta seems a better match--small (for MF), quiet, and elegant, like a Leica; and the RF & VF are surprisingly clear and non-squinty for a 1937ish camera. Mine is a 6x9, but the 6x6 is the same idea. Quite good ones can be had under $500. The Rollei TLRs would be somewhere in the middle -- less small/pocketable than a folder, but not huge, and still quiet. I'd highly recommend a 'flex, but I'm trying to respect Ryan's price range, which will exclude many 'flexen; and I'm just unfamiliar with the 'cords.