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There are 3 versions of the Kodak Supermatic shutter: Supermatic has no flash sync; Flash Supermatic has flash sync for all types of flash bulbs and electronic flash; Supermatic X has flash sync for electronic flash only. They can be labeled Kodak or Graphic Supermatic. Both will say made by Kodak.
The control layout and operation are on page 12 of .

Easy, non technical method to tell if your leaf shutter is in need of servicing. Position the shutter so that you can see the shutter blades and an analog clock with a second hand at the same time.
Set the speed dial to 1 (second), cock the shutter. When the second hand reaches a second mark trip the shutter. The shutter should open then close just as the second hand reaches the next second mark. The speed tolerance range for 1 second is .8 to 1.2. A narrow second hand width either side of the second mark is acceptable. Now move the speed dial to 2 for 1/2 second. Repeat the cock and release sequence. The shutter should open and close as the second hand reaches the mid point between the second marks. Tolerance on this speed is 1/2 the second hand width. Continue increasing the shutter speed and observe that they run faster up to 1/60-1/100 then decrease the shutter speeds noting that they get slower until you can actually time them on a clock. Many shutters just needing servicing run slow for the first 1 to 5 cock/trip cycles, operate correctly, then return to running slow when allowed to sit for a few hours to overnight. Shutters that are run until they quit working rarely return to full operation when serviced. Speeds up to 1/100-1/125 are controlled by the delay gearing which is set for accurate 1 second with some having an additional 1/15 or 1/25 second adjustment. Speeds above 1/125 is booster spring tension.