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Please don't ask me to comment on that tactic because I'll end up using very harsh words. Buyers can be dishonest too.

Remember, these old shutters are OLD... and overhaul is expected unless it was advertized in "like new, fully operating to spec" condition. Otherwise, it is OLD and overhaul is expected.

Using old cameras is an expensive hobby!
Didn't ask you to comment, but since you did, I'll comment on your response: you are out of line. "Tactic"? "Dishonest?" I accused no one of being dishonest but you level an accusation with no information. Guilty conscience? Just asking. The lens in shutter were not sold "as is" and were listed on eBay with this description: "The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended." I'm entirely within my rights to return the item, and what's more the seller agrees, and has already apologized. Everyone here has behaved well, except you.