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I almost bought the Mamiya M6. The reasons I bought the RF645 were no reported film advance weaknesses, the meter was accurate, it was a more advanced design, the optics had good OOF blurs, and overall size of the kit smaller than the M6 related to less lens volume.
Actually I've never had problems with the infamous winding mechanism problem with either of my Mamiya 6s. My RF645 actually has a slightly loose winding. Couldn't agree more about the advanced design and metering but remember the Mamiya 6 has a collapsible lens mount which makes it somewhat smaller

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After buying the Zenzanon-RF 100mm I sent the camera back to the repair center to remove the 135 and replace with the 100mm frame line. The 100mm is a better fit for the camera. I get all the background blur needed as the lens has a close focus feature. You can focus at 1.2M. The MTF curve of this lens is impressive and there is no distortion.
I also had my frame lines changed on my older body. Tamron still services the RF645. I just don't see the crispness with this lens that I do with my 150mm on the Mamiya. The RF is properly calibrated, it's just not as sharp.

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Most of my compositions are vertical. The neg fits into a whole plate dimension and looks great in the hand, displayed on a desk top or wall.
I love the vertical viewfinder! Many first time users of this camera never get used to this. It felt natural to me almost immediately. Since I shoot this camera and the Mamiya 6 for 90% of my work when I do use a camera with a horizontal viewfinder I don't know what to do!!

I should also mention that I too love the 6x4.5 format ratio. Prints nicely to 5x7 or 6x8 or 9x12. It's not stubby like the 6x7 format or long and narrow like 35mm or 6x9. 6x4.5 and 6x8 are ideal rectangles IMO.